Show Poem: October 23, 2016 Kansas City, MO @ Prohibition Hall #poetry 

As we dance around the cauldron
Bobbing for brains
And sub plots to our
Dream inspired nightmares
And nightmare inspired dreams

We hi five the
Broomstick branches
Weed wack the highway light
Skipping past the nostalgic horror
Comedy cartoon documentary porn

Concocting midnight spells for
Healing the masses of discontent
Over stuffed sandwiches
Dripping with carbonated flowers

It is not our job to out the demons
But we can ask them questions
We can give them places to go
A bench at the buss stop
A cannery for their coal mines

Ode to the neck pillow
And the one in five children
To the arch that arches
Every day in in the shadows

10 bones at the pump
Respect the body
You are trying to deal
Respect the body
You are trying to feel

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