Show Poem: October 13, 2016 Cincinnati, OH @ Listing Loon #poetry 

Bacon and eggs will break your legs
But kale will never skirt you

Needy cats in the morning
Showering in the drippy love of friends
Strangers and lone rangers

Try to detect it…
It’s not too late

There was a time
We did everything in cars
Except drive them
For very long distances

Sometimes it’s about how much
You can do between the lines

A hawk circling for road kill
Goats grazing in a pin

So slide over here
And give me a moment
Your moves are so raw

Bubbling like a bunk bed
Cowboy sheets and frog terrariums

Free water everywhere
How could we fuck that up?

Three ways to stop dementia:

Buy more records

We all grew up differently
In different shades of light
Squares fit into circles
Circles fit into squares

The flavors in your mouth
Are geese in the clouds

Chase them.
They will constantly change
Just like you

An everlasting Gobstoper
Never smaller
Never larger

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