Show Poem: October 12, 2016 Champaign, IL @ Blips & Chitz #poetry 

Photo by Bob Henne

This a room with a view
This world outside is beneath us
Above us
Outside of us
It looks through the window
Why are you staring?
It asks.

Pick it up and spread it
Don’t forget your mask
Half tailed squirrels
Soggy potato chip leaves

24/7 group meditation
Hot pockets in the corner
A Mutual surprise
Stop trying to say something
Listen to the rain
Where do all these wires go?
What is behind that curtain?
It moves like a ghost
Or maybe it’s just the wind

This town used to be something
For sale signs on every corner
Spicy chicken popcorn in every pot

The crows know everyone’s face
Stamping out fires with their feet
They feed between the lines

The pumpkins all have eyes now
Reighdeer on a rainy day
I’m still in love with all you

This town was built on education
When do we get a chance to use it?

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