Show Poem: November 4, 2016 Fayetteville, AR @ Backspace #poetry 

Tear it up
Burn it down
Blow it away
Fuck it all
Start over
Kiss it
Grow it
Feed it and clothe it
Listen up

This is my boner
Broken for you
Trumpoline on ice

This my hair
On oak mites
I can wash it
I can cut it
Do anything I’d normally do
I just look like I have hair
While I’m doing it

These are my children
That have to suffer now
Feasting on dust sandwiches

The loudest mouths suffer the most
Paying for all the risky business
The cheese between the bread
The chili peppers in the sky
The bottled violence
And contaminated water

I try to be a sweet man
Try to tap into that sweaty sweetness
That sticky man sap that
No elders respect

A party in the shadows
A tall man under my tent flaps
Learning to sign for the Def Leopard

DIY deploy it yourself
DIY destroy it yourself
DIY devour it yourself
DIY deflower yourself
the children and the oldies
DIY Dirk Diggler yourself

Pull it all together
Pull it all together
Pull it all together

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