Thank You, Pause 

Photo by Lippe

On behalf of Nan and myself we’d like to deeply thank the following people and places for making our recent tour a wonderful experience. Thanks to: Clare Frachey of Black Sheep Café, SAP, Nectar, Kate Ridge, Veronica at Blips & Chitz, Isaac Arms & the Extremities, Real Live Tigers, Single Player, John Hoffleur, Melanie Sheckels, Beth and Shannon at  The Listing Loon, Daisy Caplan, Donna Rubin + DougMcDiarmid,  Chuck Cleaver, The folks at Station P, Brian Hecht, Green Dreams,  Actorcop, Sasha + Autumn,  Jersey City Funhouse, Vincent The Owl, Posers, Crazy and the Brains, Sammy Just Sings Lazzara &  Julie DeLano at Scapegrace, Stephen Clair, Beacon Music Factory, Nora, Luke, & Dan at Shea Stadium, Toby Goodshank, True Dreams, Sic Tic, Windup Space, Rahne Alexander, Guided by Wire, Manners Manners, Supercity, Kristen Anchor, The Bijou Film Center, Herschel Stratego, Pete Curry, Ben Shepherd, Dawn Brooks, Jesse Jarvis, Joshua Horsford, Loraine Schroeder, The Station in Charlotte, NC, Faye and Dollhands, Sarah from Faye, Chris and Kim of Frigidkitty, Slo-fi, Prohibition Hall, Chris Steinauer, Wick and the Tricks, Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Tyler & everyone at the Backspace in Fayetteville, Arc Flash, Psychic Heat, and everyone at The Bay in Warrensburg. And of course thanks to all our friends for supporting us by coming out to the shows and listening to our music.
I’d personally like to thank Nan for helping to put this list together. I’ve got a pretty bad memory for places and names and without her help the task would have taken me much longer. The truth is I’ve never been big on long thank you lists, mostly because I’m lazy, but partly because I’m terrified of leaving someone out. But this time the process of compiling had me reliving a lot of the nice moments we had.
During this last tour it has come to our attention that we’ve been doing this now for a while. It has been over four years since we moved to Kansas from New York and nearly 17 years since that first jam date at Context Studios in the East Village of Manhattan. I fondly remember taking turns swapping instruments between drums and guitar. We had no idea at the time that this band, let alone our relationship, would develop and flourish the way that it has. The world was a different place back then. A lot of things have come and gone but what has always remained is our love of playing together for friends and people we love.
As wonderful as this trip has been we have decided to take bit of a break from Schwervon! We will both continue to work on our other projects, so please stay in touch for that. We’ll try to keep you posted here or through our other social media. In the meantime we have an extensive back catalog that you may not be aware of. Feel free to check it out at our Bandcamp page:
Nan and I both thank you all for your love and support through the years and we look forward to seeing you all again sooner rather than later.


Matt & Nan

One response to “Thank You, Pause 


    Dear Nan & Matt:

    We’re both incredibly proud of all the things that the two of you have done together, especially having learned to deal with your individual personality differences or eccentricities! …and your music is fine too. It’s a great picture of you with the message. We hope that your music will someday lead you to dates in Portland and Seattle. Carol can list you at least a half dozen venues in Portland where you might get booked.

    We hope you have a very happy “turkey day” with all the trimmings. If you’d you would like, we’d be happy to fly you both out for a couple of days at Christmastime (motel included).

    We love you,

    Mom & Pop

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