Show Poem: November 5, 2016 Warrensburg, MO @ The Bay #poetry 

Today’s bank tomorrow’s Starbucks
Yesterday’s International House of Panckes
Tomorrow’s Burritovulle

Motel 6
Super 8
23 skidoo
Cheese trumpet

There’s something on the tip of my tongue
That I want to put on the tip of your tongue

Eternity for men
The cost of quality baggage
Nervous clerks and
Confident pet owners

Cardboard boxes full of cardboard
Slow poke movements
Casting out the fishes
In search of larger nets

Kicke em when their up
Kick em when their down

Bored baby on board
All hail the bottom feeder
Number one sock puller
The king of the bean bags
Maker proud of the mothers

Hawk on a road sign
Sour cherry balls in a cup

Nothing inspires
Like a well lit audience

Razors back Guinea pigs
Spinning the wheel
Seeds of a sunflower
Coffee at the mall
Good will lampshade
The perfect boots

How is never far away
We’re gonna turn this thing
We’re gonna turn it right over
To the cold side

A microwave in every room
Pot in every flower

Perhaps it is time
Time for all the frost bitten vampires
To come home

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