Show Poem: June 22, 2017 KC, MO @ The Brick w/ Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts + Chico Sierra #poetry 

Cottonwoods buldge
In summer heat

The fluids in my balls bubble
Like a witches brew

Why can't you just be happy
For me,
Way can't you see what I see?

Just pick a time.
If I'm not free I will pick another time
And if your not free then
You will pick another time
And if I'm not free at that time
I will pick another time…
Things may get frustrating
There might be surprises
There may be anger
Thee may be fear
But as long as we both agree
There is a time for us…

Birds will fly through the clouds
Like rockstars on dry ice.

No jockeying for position.
No yellow lines appear.

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