Show Poem: September 2, 2017 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews #poetry 

Hear the insects call
Defy this disappointing world

Cream colored walls
Guitar strings on a piano bench
My Buddy on the music stand
I have legs
I smell something
Something cooking
Never understanding
When to stop talking
Seeing others getting tired
Looking down
But still cannot stop talking

Staking a claim
In the Whole Foods parking lot
Waiting for the mood to pass
It was the man by the guacamole
The long wait for the express lane
Remember the young
Trump supporters we saw
The last time we were here?
We smiled with condescending hearts.
We stared from the corners
Of our eyes

The only true freak is a killer
We make them here
We dangle love
Like a pork chop on a string
They steal bites
When we think no one is looking

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