Show Poem: September 1, 2017 Omaha, NE @ BFF Fest: Barley Street Tavern #poetry 

I awake covered in dead lines
Ghostly tatoos of a previous life

Compartments inside of compartments
A spirit animal with no idea
She is being left left behind

A temporary celebration of new glasses
Beware of low ceilings
And pre show injuries
Light rain that smears your windshield
Pizza and wings
Artisan ice
The champagne of bottled beer

Air conditioned nightmare
No discounts for artists

Side by side
The worst and the best
Cross the street
Come inside
This space will confuse you
This space will make you work
For your food
There are no free loaders here
No false idols

Just a space
To drown in if you choose
Or to develop

29 Summers left
Who knows
September is in the air tonight
She likes to change things up
Look at her past
Look in her eyes
This is where it all begins
Right here
Her eyes are where it starts
And will start again

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