Show Poem: September 5, 2017 Lansing, MI @ The Fledge #poetry 

Talk of death over muffins
Overcoming the unfortunate
Political associations of
Taco bowls at Macho Mas

Not waiting for inspiration
I will inspire. Then I wait…

Standing here at life’s grand ledge
Pineapple dreams
Luxury in flux
Every imperfection is a diamond
Waiting to be cut out

Is it too early to touch you
My favorite is the no hands style
Where I sleep another hour
And you stop waking me up
With your breathing.

The writing is on the wall
Until it’s painted over
And someone writea on top of that
And then someone hangs a
Pairing over the writing

Staring at the chair
Sitting on a work of art

A TV in every pot
No one cares about tv any more
People care about the dance
The dance in everything
Everything is about the dance
There is a dance in every little thing

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