Show Poem: September 6, 2017 Hamtramk, MI @ Trixie’s #poetry 

Wicker sun on the wall
Scotch tape moon
David Bowie picture
With a knife in front of it
Love is not power
Love is not power
Love is not power
Love is not power.
It’s so much better.
But not all at once.

Mermaids will never make love to you
When in need of a pinch of pepper.
Salt castle will appear

Amoebas on the ceiling.
Or are they paramecium?
Or spermatozoa don’t ya know a-

School is in session
An in flux of beer and vegetables
Everybody touching themselves in public

I have see better clouds in person
Than I could ever have imagined
In my entire life

There is an art to making art
Where it hangs
What kind of beverage you drink
While sitting in front of it

Life is what happens between hurricanes now. An ocean full of stomachs.
A stomach full of beer.
A beer full of ocean.

Thumbnail sunrise
Talking is taking sometimes
Fat cats on the walls
Local things I don’t understand


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