Show Poem: September 7, 2017 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk #poetry 

All hail the bloody axe of friendship
The tiny points of light expanding outward
Fall again, I know it is
And I know I will
Into a big pile of leaves
A pile of burning books

We battle through the days
Sacrificing speed and cuteness
Ear hair appears
I want to tell you all to stop abusing
Your fine young bodies
But fear of being banned
From the trading floor inhibits me

Channeling all the channels
I feel so fucked over
You made the children’s table cool
Why do I always lie about my cocaine use
I’m not even sure I’ve ever tried it
Maybe once, I don’t think it did anything.
I was scared to take more
Because I know it’s really expensive
And I didn’t want to appear greedy

The good thing about things being
Extra shitty, you just wipe a
A little bit of the shit off
And then then it feels like
Things are amazing

It okay to have inside jokes
Just as long as they don’t last
The entire length of your life

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