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Pic of the week

Our pal Rachel gave Nan these customized mini drums for her birthday. Rachel is an incredible spirit who we were lucky enough to meet soon after moving to Kansas City. She is one of our favorite kinds of artists because life is her canvas.
The next Schwervon! performance will be part of a benefit for the MOSH PIT, pit bull rescue service on Saturday, September 28th @ Recordbar in KC, MO. Also on the bill: Be/Non and Standby Anchors.

Pic of the week

“I know I fought you on it but now I’m glad that we moved that Lazyboy chair back into the living room.”09-2-13The next Schwervon! performance will be an all ages, free show, in Kansas City, MO, this Friday, September 7th, @ The Midwestern Musical Company with Lazy.

Tet Offensive (feat. MMM) playing Schwervon’s Dinner

Check it out! Our friend Brian Robinson has a very cool string quartet/band called The Tet Offensive and he did an arrangement for our song Dinner. I had a rare chance to witness it live on my recent trip to NYC. It just so happens both of us were taking part in the Boog City Poetry Festival. I was attending his show in the basement of Unnameable Books, in Brooklyn, and he asked if I would like to sit in on vocals. Since Nan wasn’t there we had to kind of make do. I’m certainly no Nan Turner that’s for sure…