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Fear is not a finish line… Friday Oct. 3, 2014 / KCK #SchwervonPoetry

Turn off the blue light
Take my hand
Walk into the darkness with me.
I know you are afraid
Fear is not a finish line
It is a starting point
Fear is a question
We need it like we need salt and water
The stale air of anger will choke like the poison gas of war
Anger thrives in the trenches
It feeds the meat grinder
Gives birth to bomb craters no mans lands
There is no waiting for the world to end
There is no limit to the squares on the paper towl roll
Life is a paper towl.
We roll
We tear
We soak it in.
We do a job and we recycle.
We’re not made to support enormous amounts of weight.
Our job is not to absorb blue food colored liquid.
We are here to clean up the mess.
No certificate needed
We are the certificate
We are the inkwells tattooing our bones into the earth and trees
Like heavy rain in a desert
We are here to make an impression and then smooth it over on a sunny day
Let’s stop treating ourselves like the objects that we think are only objects.
Let’s live the moments like we remember the good parts about the past.
It doesn’t matter if it was all a dream.
Live the dream now.

(This poem was originally recited at the Broken Teeth CD Release show at FOKL Art Space on October 3, 2014 in Kansas City, KS)

Broken Teeth CD Release Party: Friday Oct. 3 @ FOKL (KCK) w/ DJ Memo + The Cave Girls + Wick & the Tricks

Schwervon Tour Poster CD Release

Schwervon! and Haymaker Records are celebrating the release of a new CD “Broken Teeth” by Schwervon!  Come check out the CD release party on Friday October 3, 2014 at FOKL.

556 Central Avenue
Kansas City, KS

Starts 9pm!

Facebook Event Page


Music by DJ MEMO

Show Poem: It’s All Because Of Kansas / 2-13-14 @ Fokl (KCK)


photo by Michael Byars

Welcome to the front line
Choose your scapegoat
Choose your crime
God blames the Devil
Missouri blames Kansas
The coasts blame the Midwest
Europe blames America
America blames China.
The earth blames the sun.
The sun blames the galaxy
The galaxy blames the universe
But we all know where the real evil lies
It’s all because of Kansas
Barbecue and blues
It’s all because of Kansas
More bad news
It’s all because of Kansas
The Creationism trick
It’s all because of Kansas
And Fred Phelps’s little dick
It’s the stupid fucking farmers and the rich republicans.
It’s the Johnson County house wives and  and their tricked out mini vans
It’s the old white racist farts that could really give shit
While their holed up in their safe rooms sucking ol’ Rush Limbaugh’s tit
It’s all because of Kansas
And their professors’ evil tweets
It’s all because of Kansas
And all that gluten filled wheat
It’s all because if Kansas
Fucking you and fucking me
It’s all because of Kansas
Land of the fucking free
It’s because of Kansas
House bill 2453
It’s all because if Kansas
Ad astra per aspera and bigotry