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I am a farmer… Friday , October 30, 2014 / Barenbach, Germany #SchwervonPoetry

I am a Farmer
Slicing up the air
Like bread
I am a warrior artist
Harvesting the wind

You have a choice
Unlike the mud
To hear the music
Or the noise

You have a choice
Like a child’s hand on a hot stove
To see the beauty
Or the ugly

There is no answer blowing around
The wind has no Godhead
There is no judgement or opinion
The only voice is the donky on the hill

You see the love
In the machine
Or you don’t

You hear home
in the leaves of the trees
Or you smell the hell

Islands are part of the ocean
We grow stronger
Like the sand
Always giving, giving, giving

We let it sink to the bottom
Like buried treasure
Deep into the cold mud
The fish flow over it
They cover it with
Their shits

Here lies
the shit covered gold
Where it hurts no one

(This poem was originally recited on October 31, 2014 at Shorty’s in Barenbach, Germany)

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Mostly Germany (Week 4)

After an amazing night in Gent at the Kraakpand at Handelsbeurs it was back to Bremen where we played another show with Analog Ruins.
Tobias doing his best William Burroughs in Bremen.
UntitledCat cafe.
UntitledBremen graffiti.
Next stop the home of our driver/ road dog soulmate Karsten: Hanover.
Man in the wall.
Then north to Hamburg where we met up with our old pal Maes.
We had an amazing show and an amazing schnitzel the next day.
Next stop our first visit to Potsdam. We played with a fun band from France!
And finally Berlin.
UntitledSchokoladen cat.
Success! Danke! Dank U! Merci! and THANKS! To everyone who came out to the shows. See you next year. XO
Nan & Matt
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