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Schwervon! appears on Live At Blau Vol. 3 from Mannheim, Germany: Free Download

Indie Live Compilation from Mannheim
16 Concerts recorded during 2012 at Blau, Jungbusch, Mannheim, Germany
Enjoy Live im Blau Vol. 3!
Free download!

Take Em As They Come’s Part IV Review of “Midwestern Audio Vol. 1”

“Schwervon!’s ““Wake and Bomb”” could also be one of those little plastic singles that used to come inside Trouser Press magazine.  Minimalist bass, drums and guitar rumble against morning rants. Again, what’s underscored by these tracks is the perennial vitality of the punk impulse—particularly when it does as good as job as this capturing the everyday suicidal angst and anger of those inoculated against dreams and promises. Raging against the dying of the light is indeed something to do.” Read Full Article