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Major Matt show poem 10 – 2 -13

(Every live Major Matt Mason USA show I write an original poem, that day, to be read at the show.)

10 Good Things about Death
01. Crying is allowed.
02. It leaves an empty hole in your life but then you learn that you still have all your memories as a funnel for filling that hole with more amazing stuff.
03. It changes things.
04. It brings people together
05. It shows you what is really important.
06. It makes you realize that it has very little to do with Black Metal and Horror films.
07. It helps you learn the pointlessness of guilt.
08. It makes you think about how everyone, regardless of who they are or what they believe, at least for a moment, feels the same ,when something they love dies.
09. It shows you what love is for.
10. It teaches you that living is not just breathing. When a heart stops beating  love can grow like fire to comfort those in mourning.