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Show Poem: May 20, 2016 in Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin #poetry

I appoligize
for not playing with my phone

Please forgive me
for my undivided

My goal
is not to make you

I want to learn from you

It is not my intention
To destroy you 

Muffins are not born healthy

He must train him or her 

Inject them with the proper

Weights on my ankles
Lines in my stomach
Question marks floating in
A bowl of soup 

House flies in the car
Horse flies on the dog 

Pressure treated wood
Clogging the shower drain

Nothing is the way
they said it would be 

There is your prize. 

Now you must carry it around
With you all day
Before you
Take it home 

Show Poem: A family can form in a split second… July 07/ Richmond, VA / Gallery Five #SchwervonPoetry

Dentists on trampo
Deadline headline
Speed humping it
To the next venue

Hawk wind soaring
High above our never ending
Hot plate of twisted
Black tar veins
And cracked asphalt
Waiting for the next
Splatter day

King’s dominium
Chicken nuggets spilling
Out of every billboard

Eternal morning
Breakfast served all day, every day

Whay do you do this? she said
Because it quiets my mind, he said

Megaton megadoners
Brushing the stuff
off my tongue each morning
Keys, glasses, billfold, phone

Looking back for more
Than I had the first time
It’s always worth remembering
Always worth sticking around

Seeing you walk through that door
Has made all the difference

It’s a beauty like how we speak
To our mothers through the years

A demon will kiss you
And just stare
Like an animal in a cage
But you go right through

A family can form in a split second
That’s all it takes or it could
Take millions of years
It could be the same.

Show Poem: Everyone can hear your life Shifting gears in the night… July 06/ Arlington, VA /galaxy hut #SchwervonPoetry

Dentists on trampolines.
Stolen abusurd dialogue
Hula hoops and sparklers
Eating bananas at night

DC hot nights
Surviving in the crosswind
Everyone can hear you
Passing in the night

Walks in the dark park
The ladies jiggle their things
For the camera
Motorcycles igniting
And recording we are the world
The penis story with a twist

Everyone can hear your car
Everyone can hear your life
Shifting gears in the night

I’m glad you are leading this

The light fixture illuminates
Like a breast under a sona gram.

Shoulders twisting like
Dinasaur bones
In in the tar pit

All this ice we take for granted.
All the flare from these red rockets
Our pockets hanging down
Beneath our knees

At least there’s an hour of
Happiness every day
Cheers to the nameless
And all the name knowers