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Schwervon! joins Midwestern Music Foundation

We are happy to announce that we are official members of the Midwestern Music Foundation. The Midwest Music Foundation (MMF) is an educational arts organization that unites performer and audience and fills a health care gap for Kansas City musicians.IMG_2888This is part of their mission statement.
1) MMF will educate the community about the music created in Kansas City and throughout the Midwest and connect musicians to that community through performance.
2) MMF will educate musicians with innovative career development and music business educational programs.
3) MMF will help musicians create their art through micro-grants to produce musical recordings, projects, and collaborations with artists in other disciplines (theater, dance, and visual arts).
4) MMF will support Kansas City area musicians in navigating their health care options, directing them to low cost health care providers, and creating a resource for the uninsured and underinsured to find care with a focus on prevention and wellness.
5) MMF will make emergency funds available to musicians in the Kansas City and Lawrence area who have had accidents/medical catastrophes that have made it difficult or impossible for them to play (work). These funds will be distributed by an application process based on need using poverty guidelines.