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Show Poem: A drop of kindness For every tear drop… July 01/ New Brunswick , NJ /Court Tavern #SchwervonPoetry

Soy burger diner
I see dead people
A place to put my drink

Smurf cum graffiti
On a thoughtful piece of art

Badly exicuted guitar riffs
Litter the back alley air
The sabbath always ends
With Sabbath

Catching nothing out of
The corner of my eye

I’ve eaten the same falafel
In two states

Men and women
Getting pushed around
In strollers and wheelchairs
Walkers and canes

Guy outside Super Cuts
Smoking and playing
With his phone
Listening to something
On headphones
Wearing a hat
Sunglasses hanging
From the collar of his shirt

Can’t stop staring
Where is he going
What is he thinking
Does he cat call women
Does he like women

Was that the wrong word choice?
There’s something
Like this happening
In a hundred other places.
I’m sure of it.

Fish on the walls and doors underwater
Pictures of cats taken by dogs
Parking. Meters
Nickel and diming us
Quartering quarters

Hurting yourself in bed
Where does the time go
Coffe to beer beer to coffe
Wrist band hair removal

A drop of kindness
For every tear drop
It’s never too much
Never ever
Think of all the babies
The funerals and the graduations
A drop of kindness
For every teardrop

God is a brownie No God is a brownie… Sun. April. 05 / Riot Room, KCMO #Schwervonpoetry

photo by Rachel Sky

Buttered butter
Bacon wrapped bacon
Pizza flavored pizza bites

Guns in every orifice
Roads paved with hamburger buns

Twenty four hour memory foam
Full body zipper suits

Maybe is no
No is boring
Boring is ignoring

Old tv
A pile of wires
By the washing machine

Polka dot ties
Tears in my oatmeal

Repetition is remembering
Repetition is forgetting
Repetition is forgiving
Forever and ever

Always and never
Baked goods rising like
The son of God

Brownies for breakfast
Brownies for lunch
Making love to a brownie
Giving birth to a brownie

God is a brownie
No God is a brownie

(This poem was recited for the first time on Sunday, April 05, 2015 at Riot Room, in Kansas City, MO)