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If you’ve been around us for the past couple of weeks you know that we are about to hit the road in a big way. Today, we embark on a 3 week US tour to the East coast and back and then we’re pretty much spending November in Europe, mostly Germany and the United Kingdom. Aaaand we are psyched to announce that we’ve got a new 7″ for our songs Blood Eagle + Wrath Of Angels! It was released by Broker’s Tip (Bob Nastanovich of Pavement/ Silver Jews Record Label). We will have them on this tour! 

*Also we have new tee shirts!! With our timeless motto on them! Impress your friends and neighbors with your new look. Word on the street: pink and blue are this years fall colors.

Okay, Love each other and we’ll see you out there on the dance floor!


Nan & Matt


Show Poem: July 17, 2016 Evansville, IN @ PG #poetry 

I was not born to be an archeologist
I use creams now to protect myself
Maybe a summer visor, sunglasses
Steak sandwich under each arm 

I am not always comfortable
In a world where bread is the enemy 

I want no more than what the richest man
Wants for the thing he loves the most 

A clean quiet corner
Where I can burn some gas.

Ripping off the cure
Like ripping off a band aid 

We are all born to be archeologists
Inspect the bottoms of our feet
Count the groove in our teeth

Our gift is that
We can stop at any time 

Dissecting the chicken nuggets
Listing things from best to worst 

Trying to decipher what the boys
Are saying on the other side of the glass 

Infinitely searching for another place
To be ourselves 

We can stop that for now
Stop and just listen 

Schwervon! Fall Fantastico Tour 2014

FantasticoHalfWe are looking forward to seeing you. Stay tuned to the show page for the latest details about venues and support acts.

08 – St. Louis, MO (Melt)
w/ Yankee Racers + Recovery
09 – Indianapolis, IN (Vibes Music) w/ Mr. Clit and The Pink Cigarettes + Manners Please
10 – Cincinatti, OH (The Comet)
11 – Columbus, OH (Tree Bar)
13 – Brooklyn, NY (Palisades)
w/ Prewar Yardsale + Phoebe Blue + Bluffing
17 – Colchester (Lakeside Theatre)
18 – London (The Dalston Victoria)
19 – Nottingham (Spanky Van Dykes)
w/ The Wave Pictures
20 – Norwich (Norwich Arts Center) w/ The Wave Pictures
21 – Sheffield – (The Rocking Chair)
23 – Perth (Green Room) + Schwervon! Guest Lecture at Perth College UHI @ 1pm
24 – Glasgow (The Old Hairdressers)
25 – Manchester (First Chop Brewing Arm) w/ The Wave Pictures
27 – Edinburgh (SummerHall)
w/ The Wave Pictures
29 – Lille (L’Imposture)
30 – Koln (Tsunami)
31 – Bärenbach (Shorty’s)

01 – Bonn (Mausefalle 33 1/3)
02 – Tübingen (Münzgasse 13)
05 – Dresden (Nikkifaktur)
06 – Berlin (Antje Oeklesund)
07 – Leipzig (Raum der Kulturen)
08 – Regensburg (w1)
09 – Munich (Kafe Kult)
10 – Regensburg (Private show:  email us for venue)
11 – Nurnberg (K4)
12 – Wetzlar (Franzis)
13 – Freiburg (Rang Teng Teng)
14 – Strasbourg, France (The Mudd Club)
15 – Zurich, Switzerland (Gonzo)
16 – Mulhouse, France (Private show: email us for venue)
17 – Lille, France (Aeronef Club) w/ The Vaselines
18 – Paris, France (La Maroquinerie) w/ The Vaselines
19 – Hanover (venue – tbc)

20 – Hamburg (Astra Stube)
21 – Berlin (Bang Bang Club) w/ The Vaselines
22 – Herdecke (
Private show: email us for venue)
25- London (The Garage) w/ The Vaselines
26- Birmingham (Hare & Hounds) w/ The Vaselines
27- Sheffield (The Plug) w/ The Vaselines
28- Glasgow (School Of Art) w/ The Vaselines
02- Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) w/ American Anymen + Kung Fu Crimewave + Jeffrey Lewis
04- Buffalo, NY
05- Ann Arbor, MI
06- Detroit, MI (Old Miami)
07- Chicago, IL
09- Rock Island, IL (Rozz Tox)
10- Iowa City, IA (Gabe’s) w/ Def-Kittie BlinDogg

12- Lawrence, KS