If you’ve been around us for the past couple of weeks you know that we are about to hit the road in a big way. Today, we embark on a 3 week US tour to the East coast and back and then we’re pretty much spending November in Europe, mostly Germany and the United Kingdom. Aaaand we are psyched to announce that we’ve got a new 7″ for our songs Blood Eagle + Wrath Of Angels! It was released by Broker’s Tip (Bob Nastanovich of Pavement/ Silver Jews Record Label). We will have them on this tour! 

*Also we have new tee shirts!! With our timeless motto on them! Impress your friends and neighbors with your new look. Word on the street: pink and blue are this years fall colors.

Okay, Love each other and we’ll see you out there on the dance floor!


Nan & Matt


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