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Stop trying to put a hat on it… Sun. Mar. 22 / Soundpony, Tulsa, OK #Schwervonpoetry


Tell a story on your walls
Swing your weight around the balls

Beat your drum proudly
Your true loves will always dance
The advice of grilled cheese
Black swans and tired parrots

David Bowie is a cat I met in Fayetteville
And endless balls of yarn
Dangle from the clouds for him

Stop trying to put a hat on it
Googly eyes bullshit
Get sick of being cool
Stop trying to wrap a scarf
Around this town

Stop settling for room temperature
Heat things up
Beat your chest
With broccoli branches
Swiss chard

Love can bring things to a boil
Maybe you don’t deserve desert

But if there is one thing
On this brown planet
That no one can deny you of
It’s the warmth of love

No deeper shade of red
No paler shape of night
No paternal memory
No surreal exploding T-shirt
Black boot or
Re-verb drenched guitar
Love people

You all deserve it
Every little nasty bit
Get used to it
Get loose to it
Spread it around
Take a bight

(This poem was recited for the first time on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at Soundpony in Tulsa, OK)