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Show Poem: Let’s Bring Back the Mystery / 01-17-14 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS)

Thanks to Beaded Hall, Psychic Heat, and all the lovely people who came out to celebrate life with us at the Replay Lounge last night. Here’s to bringing back the Mystery in 2014!! XO, Nan & Matt


photo by Jennifer Schnabel

Let’s bring back the mystery.
Let’s turn off the history and turn on the her story.
Let’s paint ourselves a new window.
Let’s remove the cameras from our assholes….take a break from filming our own penises and poc marks and pimples.
Let’s enter sleep mode.
Let’s stop reporting the bombs and the burning flags for just a minute.
Let’s power down. Let’s Mystery up!
“This just in: People are confused and seek the truth. In other news a million blades of grass are poking through sidewalk cracks around the world.”
Let’s bring back the story and spare us the lip. And skip all the gory details. Just bring more gore!

Let’s dim the lights and chill the ham.
Let’s drop the kids off and spend the afternoon under cover of darkness.
Let’s not correct the color.
Let’s not bleed the reds or crush the blacks.
Let’s not heighten the drama with forced exposure and fast editing.
Let’s dance, and prance and piss in our pants!
And pick our noses well, alone, with no one watching.

Let’s not go for the glory.
Let’s not face the facts.
Let’s not tell it like it is.
Because it never really is what it is.
It’s not the soda it’s the fiz.
And it never just about biz.
Nobody beats the Wiz.
It’s about the Ms and tree.
And what’s under it.
Put it back.
It’s not Christmas time yet.
Bring that beat back and put it under the tree.
The Mystery.
Bring Back The Mystery.
The next Schwervon! show is Saturday Jan. 25th @ Czar Bar in KCMO.

Let’s Bring Back the Mystery in 2014

Nan & Matt