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Show Poem: We dangle over bulldozers… June 13 / Iowa City, IA / The Mill #SchwervonPoetry

UntitledTwo hobos on a bench
Sleeping duck on the pier
Trash cans litter the horizon
This park was made for business
Owners and owers

The threat of hockey
Passing on the right
Percolating the portals
The era of the superhero
Rapidly coming to a close

Thank you Iowa
For your highways
Smooth as glass

Smooth smooth graveled ass
We could have something together
If I can manage to avoid
Your devil dog road signs

Forgotten neck pillows
Spilled hot chocolate

What were all the words
Trying to say
Did they remember to clock in?
Is the investment worth the return?

We dangle over bulldozers
Look down upon our noses

Each concrete step
Evolves a new muscle
To elevate the day’s work.

The days sacrifice
The day’s rhubarb pie a la mode.

The only other people
In the room are laughing
Not at me
But it feels like it.