Matt’s New Poetry Blog

Beef Jerky Clouds
Hello Friends,

I just wanted to tell you about my new poetry blog. It’s called Beef Jerky Clouds. On our last tour I decided to give myself the challenge of writing an entirely new poem for each night during the “Poetry/Interpretive Dance” section of our shows. I got so used to writing a poem everyday that I started writing them even when we didn’t have shows. The day after a performance I would post the poems here along with a pic that I took. Click Here to see examples. The process turned out to be very therapeutic for me. So, for part of my New Year’s Resolution, I have decided launch a separate blog just for poems. I’m going to try to publish one a day. I’ll probably take a day off here and there. Hopefully, this will be interesting and even inspiring to some of you.Thanks for listening.

Love, Matt

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