Show Poem: July 9, 2016 Memphis, TN @ Lamplighter Lounge #poetry 

Like an enormous goat
Eating it’s way through life 

Never stopping to consider
What is going in 

The machine teeth
Crushing the succulents 

Pushing shit down the tube

Like an old soul
The eye in the rock
Is slowly opening

I can feel the breath
Like the door of
An ancient cave 

We learn by watching
The way things break 

The wind is telling us
How to forge our tools

Hauling assets
The best move for the money 

Sardines bathing in oil
I salute
Their life giving death 

Greasing my digits
Bones dance for them 

Rubber snakes along the roadside
Scaring us with the purity of their selfishness

They light themselves on fire
Insert themselves into the mouths
Of Eagles

We taste what they taste
With every bullet
With every smile
We taste what they taste 

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