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Don’t Waste Your Love‚ĶFriday Sept. 20, 2014, Lawrence, KS #SchwervonPoetry


Don’t waste your love
Give it to me
Let’s rub it all over our backsides
Like lye soap
Let’s flavor it with lavender
And mint
Let’s find love in the most peculiar places
The skin if a humming birds beak
The soft snore of a woman
Heavy metal makeup
Live music
And pictures of arms
And elbows
And feet
Sometimes starting is the hardest part
Fear is a monster with bottomless
Like a mouth full of cotton candy he will devour lives
And toss the empty bag on the sidewalk
Ich esse eine Apfel.
Ich esse eine Orange.
Ich esse ein Lieben.
Das ist gut!
Eat your Life
Eat it every day.
Devour it like a termite.
Like a starving person at an all u can eat buffet.
Not just a like starving ’cause you haven’t eaten since breakfast kind of starving.
A starving for life.
A Hungar for life. Like you need it every day, like air to live.
Eat it. Just eat it.

(This poem was originally recited at the I Heart Local Music Showcase at The Replay Lounge on September 20, 2014 in Lawrence, KS)