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Show Poem: Merry Christmas Asshole: The Sandbox (Vinyl Renaissance) w/ Medicine Theory + Dated

Merry Christmas asshole. Merry Christmas homophobic, capitalist loving, over privileged, welfare dissing, self centered, dog shit stained station wagon roof driving, silk tie wearing, segregating, honky. Merry Christmas: Fox news watching, fake smiling, rich, real man, oil worshiping, porn addicted, gun humping, market watching, Christian racist, hypocrite. Merry Christmas friend shooting, family neglecting, cat hitting, Chick Filet eating, Duck Dynasty TEVOing, fake breasted bleach-blond prostitute fucking, tax break receiving, business venerating, war loving, government hating, neighbor watching, Denis Miller, Bill O’Riley, Glen Beck, Vladimir Putin, foursome fantasizing, flag waving, fascist. Merry Christmas asshole.

You’ve had quite a year. And you’ve been such a good boy little boy, I got you some real special Christmas presents. First off , for Santa, I’ve left a tall frosty glass of Edward Snowden with a big fat Obamacare cookie for you to munch on. If you take a look under the tree you’ll find some other special presents. I got you a shiny red gay marriage bicycle with some Occupy toy soldiers and an endless supply of Pussy Riot dolls. If you look further you’ll see a yummy Noam Chomsky candy cane and a big fat legalized Marijuana football. Also a beautiful and delicious Rachel Maddow, Elizabeth Warren, Kim Gordon fruitcake. And if you’re really really good you just might get that Official Red Rider, 200 shot, range model pump action Miley Cyrus air riffle.

So Happy Holidays asshole. Enjoy it while it lasts We’ll still be here in 2014 to fill your year with real fairies of real love and real dance and plenty of noise to wake you from your deep lost sleep.

photo by Rod Peal

“Shine a light” (Abigail Henderson) by Michelle Bacon

An important figure in the Kansas City Music community has passed. We’ve only been in KC for a little more than a year but it wasn’t long before we felt the welcoming presence of Abigail Henderson. We only met Abby a couple of times but through her music and all of the fantastic things that occur with The Midwestern Music Foundation we felt her love. My strongest memory is of her thanking us, profusely, after our gig at the Mid-Coast Takeover, in Austin, this past March. I felt like I needed to be thanking “her.” After a very short time in KC The Midwestern Music Foundation included Schwervon! on a local compilation as well as having us take part in that unforgettable 4 day showcase at SXSW. As usual, local KC musician and Chief Editor at The Deli KC, Michelle Bacon, puts it into words better than anyone: Shine a light..