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Oldenburg @ Wagonburg 11/25/17 #poetry

Behind every man is a man
But not every man is behind each man
Behind every man is a man talking
About himself
To a man who is not listening

They make a lot of wind
Burn a lot of wood
Buy a lot of beer
They eat the meat right from the bone
And then they write the story

I keep wanting to compare the trees to hair
On the big brain planet
Keep wanting to compare
Things to other things
Things I think I know better.
A better way to understand
The things that I know less about.
Is it natural?
Does a deer see the tree in a building?

The blue lake is not really blue.
It is a kind of blue
The kind that fills a trumpet
The blue of missing new friends
For the first time.
The blue inside the fire
That cannot live far from
The source
But leaves a mark
That never leaves the air
Becomes new the new air

Mostly Germany Tour (Week 3)

UntitledAfter a day in Darmstadt we were off in running into the final leg of the tour. Eleven more shows in eleven days. The first stop was a beautiful seaside town in Beglium called Ostend.
UntitledThe next day we took a little scenic trip to the town of Bruges before playing our first of 2 shows in Gent. Begium is the country of Frites, Chocolate and Waffes. Of course we had to take advantage of that.
UntitledUntitledUntitledThey had a few other things in Belgium too!UntitledUntitledNext it was back to Germany for 3 shows in Germany: Cologne, Kassel and Oldenburg. Good to see some old friends and down and few K├Âlsch.UntitledUntitled
UntitledThen it was back to Gent again for an amazing experience at Kraakpand at Handelsbeurs.
UntitledUntitledOne more show in Berlin tonight! I’ll post one more blog about the last week in a few days. For now: Click here to see more pics.

Swamp Thing (Oldenberg, Germany)