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Nan B-day Week/ Midwestern Audio Comp./ 9 Days to: COURAGE/ Schwervon! in Europe

Bring it on again!Let’s hear it for the Birthday Girl! Last Friday we had a Birthday in Schwervland. As part of the celebration, Nan and I went to go see a movie at the lovely Gleenwood Arts Theater. We were pretty psyched to discover this cozy little cinema. Good popcorn and nice affordable ticket prices (especially compared to NYC). There were some good previews for the Kansas International Film Festival, which will be happening there between Oct. 5th-11th. Unfortunately, we’ll be on tour, in Europe, but if we weren’t I’d probably be camping out at the Gleenwood that week. Anyway, we heard about the film Sleep Walk With Me from This American Life. We’re big fans of the NPR radio program. We’ve logged many hours driving from town to town listening to podcasts of this amazing show. So, when we heard that they had just released a full length film we were pretty excited to check it out. The movie was based off an actual segment from the radio show about an aspiring comedian with a severe sleep disorder. It was a nice light comedy, nothing life altering but thoroughly entertaining. One of the cool things about this movie is that it features a cameo by comedian Mark Maron. Mark Maron is the host and creator of the podcast: WTF or What The Fuck. Nan and I are HUGE fans of this podcast. I think it’s maybe the most thoroughly interesting and fulfilling show I’ve discovered in years. Mark’s interview style is so casual and sensitive he really gets people to open up and reveal their inner demons and strengths. I wish Schwervon! could sponsor or be sponsored by this show somehow…we love it THAT MUCH! Check it out!
We’re honored to have a track on the Midwestern Audio Compilation Vol. 1, a 2 CD compilation of a local Kansas City Bands brought to you by The Midwestern Music Foundation. Other cool local acts include: Soft Reeds, The Conquerors, Deco Auto, The Quivers, Cowboy Indian Bear, Hidden Pictures, The Brannock Device, The Water MoccaSins, La Guerre, Expo ’70 and more. Looking forward to Volume 2.
Vice Magazine produced an amazing small film about our NYC friend and fellow musician Joe Crow Ryan. Check out the Schwervon! sticker on his banjo.

See below for confirmed dates for our tour in Europe in October and November in support of our new record COURAGE (olive juice music, loud baby sounds). If you can’t make it out, or you don’t presently reside in Europe, please feel free to share these dates with any friends you think might be interested in attending one of the shows! We sure would appreciate it!

4 Berlin (Schokoladen)
5 Dresden (Ostpol)
6 Krakow (Rozrywki 3)
7 Vienna (Rhiz)
8 Munich (S├╝dstadt)
10 Nurnberg (k4 – w/ The Wedding Present!)
11 Mannheim (The Blau)
12 Regensburg (W1 – w/ Jenny Lund)
13 Gunzenhausen (Cayman Bar – w/ Jenny Lund)
14 Tobel (Komturei Tobel)
15 Zurich (Bosch Bar)
16 Wetzlar (Franzis)
17 Darmstadt (Oetinger villa)
18 Koln (Haengendegaerten)
19 Bremen (Spedition)
20 Oldenburg (Wagenburg)
21 Hannover – (TBA)
22 Hamburg (Astra Stube)
23 Offenbach (Hafen 2)France
24 Nantes (Le Stakhanov)
25 Paris (Pop in – w/ The Pirouettes)
United Kingdom
26 London (Stag’s Head – w/ David Cronenberg’s Wife, Bilkis + spinmaster plantpot)
28 Cardiff (The Moon Club)
29 Bristol (Cafe Kino)
30 Nottingham (The Chameleon)
31 Wakefield (The Hop)
1 Manchester (The Castle)
2 Halifax (Arden Rd Social Club)
3 Glasgow (Glasgow College of Art)
4 Aberdeen (Brew Dog)
FB Event

We’ve officially logged over 10,000 miles of US touring since our move to Kansas City. But the year is not over. Thanks to everyone who has come out and made us feel welcome. And thanks to Waylon Jennings Storm Trooper for getting us there in one piece. XO, Nan and Matt