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Mostly Germany Tour Update 2013 (week 2)

UntitledAfter Regensburg we had a great show in Munich at Sudstadt. It was kind of like a homecoming for us because we played there last year with Jenny Lund and this time it was just Jan solo from Jenny Lund. We said goodbye to Bavaria and it was off to Vienna. In Vienna we stayed with our old friend Steffko. UntitledWe went to a good Vietnamese food place but we passed on the crispy Darm.
UntitledWhat we didn’t pass on was the late night cheesy dog, which seems to be some kind of specialty in Vienna. Yummy! Ouch! UntitledThe next night was a show in Martigny, Switzerland. A beautiful mountain town where we reunited with a great band called Monoski. About 5 years a go we played a show with them in Brooklyn. It was great to play with them again after all these years.UntitledUntitledUntitledNext we were back in Komteri, Tobel. Kind of dreamland for us. We played a great show in the old prison and had a nice day walking around and looking at the beautiful countryside.UntitledUntitledThis is Kim the daughter of our friends Tom and Alice in Tobel.
UntitledUntitledNext stop Zurich! We played Bosch Bar again! And got to see our friends Caro and Ursina. Word on the street is that the door artwork was done by our pal Toby Goodshank!
UntitledUntitled Karsten having some private time on the roof in Zurich.
UntitledTexas sized Croissont!Untitled The next show was our only show in France in a town called Strasbourg. They made this amazing poster.Untitled Everyone was so nice. It made us think that maybe we need to play more shows in France next time.UntitledThe next show was our return to Wetzlar at the Franzis. They have a nice big mirror in the back stage there so we could get pretty before the show!UntitledWhat’s not to love about German breakfast.UntitledAfter breakfast we took a nice long walk with our friend Sigmar and Samson the Wolf Hound of Wetzlar. Untitled The last 2 nights we played in Offenbach and Darmstadt with our friend Alex’s band Mine.
UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledThanks to everyone who keeps coming out to the shows. This week, after several years, we are back in Belgium for 3 shows as well as more shows in Western Germany!
UntitledUntitledClick here to see even more pics from the tour!

Week# 3,4 Oldenburg, Hannover, Hamburg, Offenbach, Nantes, Paris

Our show in Oldenburg was perhaps one of the most special shows of the tour. Our friend Tiedo, who usually books us at the Alhambra, put us on at the wagonburg where he lives. A wagonburg is a very special and unique place. I was told that there are several throughout Germany and some especially famous ones around Hamburg. Basically, it’s an area where people choose to live in old trailers, train cars, and buses. They install wood burning stoves and all share a communal toilet, bath, and various spaces that include a kitchen and performance space. The structures are created mostly out of recycled materials. The bar in this performace space is an old bus and the space is heated by wood burning stoves. It was fun to be playing a venue with a dirt floor. Felt kind of like the circus. We had some of the best sound of the whole tour at this place by the way.Wagonburg, Oldenburg

In Hannover we had an amazing pumpkin curry by an cool lady for whom we dedicated the song Dinner to later in the evening. We also got a nice tour of by the very sweet promoter Karsten. After the show, I like these creepy lamp posts that looks like crosses just outside of the venue.Hannover Crosses Here is a link from the Hannover show to a live performance of Lucky Rocks: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3319446883306

Our next show in Hamburg was so intense that I neglected to get any photos which is a shame because Hamburg is a very exciting city. In stark contrast to how intense Hamburg was I will give you this photo of our driver, Andy, sleeping with a Club Mate next to him. Dreamy Andy

The show in Offenbach was with our good friend Alex’s band called Mine from Darmstadt. Last time we played with Mine they were a rock band but they have revamped their style and are much more difficult to describe now. I think it’s cool. You can hear for yourself HERE! We also got to see our good friend The Woog Riots from Darmstadt. They just came out with a new album recently called Post Bomb Chronicles. I’m quite addicted the first song on this album.

After a very long drive we played our first of 2 shows in France in Nantes, with the wonderful Lonesome French Cowboy. These guys were great and their look would fit right in at any truckstop in the midwest.French Cowboy
It was great to see our old friends Rhiem and Solena in Nantes. Solena did an internship with Olive Juice Music in NYC many years ago and is responsible for entering a lot of the artist data on the site. After the show in Nantes a nice chap by the name of Richard O’Brien interviewed us for a local podcast called English For Everyone. Luckily, the next morning, there was enough time to check out our favorite boulangerie for for petit Dejuner. This is what a happy Nan looks like. Nantes Petit Dejuner

Next stop Paris! It was back at the Pop In for us. On the way, something possesed me to try these funky chips. Unfortunately, unless you’re a big fan of synthetic Ketchup flavor I wouldn’t reccommend themWon't do that again. After the show in Paris we stayed with our friend Guillaume from the band Coming Soon. This is a pic of him with his girfriend’s daughter. She was pretty adorable and quite impressed with Nan’s shoeless drumming technique. Paris

And this is where we say goodbye to freinds Klaus and Andy who had been driving and helping us. Below is a pic of our good friend and bassist extrodrdinaire Klaus displaying his broken-mirror-covered bass. Thank you Klaus for letting us use your car. And thanks to our new friend Andy for driving the last half of the tour. They are both nice boys from Regensburg, Germany, a town with a very kick ass music scene. Check out these bands for great examples: Jenny Lund, Containerhead, Trashing Days, Mason Dixon Line, Tar Tar Fox.  Claus is always with us Next stop a quick little train ride under the English channel to London for the UK leg of the tour. To be continued…