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2013 Mostly Germany Tour Report

We made it safely to Berlin with limited drama. We took a cab to our friend Garvin’s apartment where we were greeted by his sweet dog Girella. We met Girella many years ago in Cologne through a very unique photo project. I think it was a happy reunion. We were a little tired from the flight so we took a nap.
We woke up feeling pretty good. After that we walked around Berlin a little. It was Halloween and we saw a few Trick or Treaters. Usually, they don’t celebrate Halloween so much in Germany but it seems to be getting more and more popular. I think there is a tiny bit of tension about this since it’s considered more of an American Holiday.Untitled

Later, we had some Vietnamese food with our friends Sibsi and Andy. And then we met up with Karsten, our new friend and driver from Hanover.
We spent the next day hanging out on some nice garden land that Garvin had recently purchased on the edge of Berlin. We went for a walk by the river while Karsten fixed something with the car. This is an old bus stop cover that was on the property.UntitledThe first show was in Dresden,  just a short drive from Berlin. Some of our best shows in Germany have in Dresden. We toured there early on with the band Vermont.  Half of the members of Vermont are from Dresden. So, it is kind of a sentimental place for us. We were clearly very excited!UntitledWe spent the night with our friends Fabian and Sabina (from Vermont). We also got to see their new baby boy (Emil) and little girl Paulina. The next morning we grabbed a coffee to go and then it was off to Furth, near Nurnberg.

UntitledThe show in Furth was in an an old converted Nazi bunker from WW2 called Kunstkeller 042. There were some rooms that were used for sick people that still had some of the original hand painted signs above them. This was the back stage area. The translation of the sign is “Treatment Room.” Untitled
At first it was a little creepy but then I thought it’s very cool to think about the fact that this room was originally built for a shelter from bombs and now it’s being used to put on live music shows. I think this conveys some of very special things we get to experience by touring in Germany at this level.UntitledFor the next show we were very excited to be back in Regensburg. Regensburg is also a very special place for us. Our good friends Klaus and Andy live there. It’s not a really big town but there seems to be an oddly large amount of good music coming from there. There must be something in the water. The venue where we played in Regensburg was a small movie theater. The band that opened for us was called Catstash.UntitledWe had a day off in Regensburg yesterday so we recorded a new song with the working title of “Bubbles” with Andy at his practice space. UntitledThat’s all for now. Tomorrow we play Munich. Stay tuned! Click here for more pictures.

Schwervon! Fall Mostly Germany European Tour 2013

SCHWERVON Press Photos @ W 68th St - 04/30/2013

Fri. Nov 1 Dresden, Germany @ Ost-pol

Sat. Nov 2 – Furth, Germany @ Kunsteller 027

Sun. Nov 3 – Regensburg, Germany @ Kinos Im Andreasstadtl

Wed. Nov 6 – Vienna, Austria @ Rhiz

Thur. Nov 7 – Munich, Germany @ Sudstadt

Fri. Nov 8 – Martigny, Switzerland @ Les Caves du Manoir

Sat. Nov 9 – Tobel, Switzerland @ Komturei Tobel

Mon. Nov 11 – Zurich Switzerland @ Bosch Bar

Tues. Nov 12 – Strasbourg, France @ Troc’afet

Wed. Nov 13 – Wetzlar, Germany @ Franzis

Thur. Nov 14 – Offenbach, Germany @ Hafen 2

Fri. Nov 15 – Darmstadt, Germany @ Blumen

Sun. Nov 17 – Vissersplein, Ostend, Belgium @ Cafe De Crayon

Mon. Nov 18 – Gent, Belgium @ Cafe Video

Tues. Nov 19 – Koln, Germany @ Tsunami

Wed. Nov 20 – Kassel, Germany @ Private House Show (contact us for details)

Thur. Nov 21 – Oldenburg, Germany @ Alhambra

Fri. Nov 22 – Ghent, Belgium @ Kraakpand at Handelsbeurs

Sat. Nov 23 – Bremen, Germany @ Spedition

Sun. Nov 24 – Hanover, Germany @ Oberdeck (unplugged show)

Mon. Nov 25 – Hamburg, Germany @ Astra Stube

Tues. Nov 26 – Potsdam, Germany @Kuze

Wed. Nov 27 – Berlin, Germany @ Schokoladen

Week # 1 of European Tour: Berlin, Dresden, Krakow, Vienna, Munich, Nuremburg

Finally, got a little time to do some recaping for the first week of the tour. The flight to Berlin was fairly painless. I watched Rock of Ages and Men In Black 3 on the plane.  We got to our friend Sibi’s place in Berlin, early so we had a snack and crashed for a few hours. Then we had special treat.  A lot of our NYC family just so happend to be visiting  or staying in Berlin. Sibsi helped organize a little hang out in a really cool park that served pizza with vegetables that were grown in the park. There was also a small library and some a small stage. After lunch, we tried to play basketball but the court was locked so just had a couple of beers down by the river.  A lot of talent in this picture.
The Berlin show ended early, which was cool with us, so we got to sleep off a little more of our jet lag and have a nice breakfast around the corner.
IMG_2558Then it was off to our old stomping grounds in Dresden. We played with a really cool band called Poor Little Rich Girl. We also had a special treat when our old friends Colin and Sabine did some songs from their old band Vermont, who were the first band we ever played in Dresden with. The band apartment where we stayed in Dresden was like sleeping in a David Lynch film.
IMG_2560After Dresden was our first show ever in Poland in the City of Krakow. Krakow is a beautiful city with many nice people. Unfortunately, only about 4 of them decided to come to our show. But Cyprian, the promoter was a really cool guy and we had some delicious vegetarian food. We’d heard that Poland can be tricky for getting gear stolen and this backstage door didn’t do much to dispel that fear. But it was cool we managed a graceful exit with pride and gear in tact.
IMG_2566It rained for nearly the entire drive from Krakow to Vienna. At one point the highway just ended. Our GPS wasn’t working in Poland and not many people were speaking English so we got a little lost for a while. But, luckily Klaus our friend and driver got us to the gig with time for a quick schnitzel before the show. This is Klaus and yes, ladies, he’s single!!!
IMG_2571Vienna really made up for the light crowd in Krakow. Both openers, Ash My Love and The Happy Kids, were very cool duos as well. Our batteries were thoroughly charged. Thanks Vienna! Also nice to see our friends Steffko and Philip.
The next night was in Munich where we played the first of three shows with one of Klaus’s bands Jenny Lund. Klaus is a very good bass player. The show was at bar to help celebrate the birthday for our friend Laury, who we met the last time we were in Munich. We had just missed Octoberfest, which I am told by the locals is a good thing. But the next morning we went to a real traditional german restaurant had Weisswurst and wheat beer for breakfast.
IMG_2596Next we had our first day off in Regensburg, the home of Klaus (and the birth place of The Pope). Klaus made some zucchini soup and fish. It was kick ass. The next day we spent some time with his freind’s dog Pauli. This is Pauli after a nice long run by the river. I also saw this weird old tank that reminded me of an alien there.
IMG_2582Last night was Nurnberg. We opened for the legendary Wedding Present.  They really kicked ass. It was inspiring for both of us. We danced like we were kids again. The vodka shots from our friend Stefan helped. Here’s some of the better snaps I got of The Wedding Present’s live show.
Wedding Present
IMG_2629We’re still sort of getting our road legs but it’s been great so far. Tonight, we are in Mannheim and then 2 more shows with Jenny Lund.
XO,Nan & Matt